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I’ve never felt this way in my entire life watching a live TV show. Eat Bulaga has been in my subconscious since I can remember and this phenomenal episode on October 24, 2015 is way beyond my imagination. I can’t contain my emotion, I’m happy and joyful but I’m crying while watching Alden and Maine holding hands for the first time.

Hindi kinaya ng puso ko ang saya at kilig!

What’s good about this episode is that it is a “Give Back” your blessing day too. All of the ticket sales will be used to build Libraries in the remote public schools in all of the Philippines. It will also be used partly for the #LandoPH victims of calamity. Thus making this day HIS story, of giving and compassion and love. True love stories have no endings, and this story of #AlDub has brought many good lessons on trust, respect, love, compassion, forgiveness, and waiting for the right time. #TamangPanahon is really about that moment when you know that blessing others because you have been blessed too many times is the right thing to do. And this day have been a blessing to many who will be given those libraries and help by #EatBulaga because of the #AlDub blessing. Kudos and salute to the whole #EatBulaga Family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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