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Second Chances

Second Chances

I believe in second chances, and we all need one.

We are all broken inside, deep in our gut are the secrets that we keep, mistakes we did, and wrongs that we have done. That feeling is not something that we are proud of. And it has kept us isolated from the people who love us and who are reaching out to love us. That feeling is keeping us from loving others too.

But if we believe in second chances, we believe that love will look beyond our brokenness. Love will accept us in our being who we are, where we are, and who will become of us. Love is there to guide us to be a better person, to correct our mistakes, to become the person that is almost perfect. Because love do that to us. It makes us perfect. Perfect for the one we love.

With the roles that I play as a person, being a mother and a wife are most precious to me. Here I experience many second chances. I am not perfect and the love of my two children and husband are so open and forgiving. It makes me want to be that perfect mother and wife for them, loving them with all my heart and mind. They teach me how to become a better person. And I’m so thankful to them for giving me many second chances.

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